C A R E E R  O P P O R T U N I T I E S

Become an independent Freight Agent or Dispatcher at IBDC

Every company offers different opportunities.

Take a look at what we expect from our Agents and Dispatchers and how our application & on boarding works.

We are looking for independent, results oriented, and reliable team mates.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working remote!

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  • A right to act under Freight Broker authority for freight Agents

  • A right to act under Carrier authority for Dispatchers; 

  • No waiting for your customer to pay before you receive commission;

  • Freight Agents/Dispatcher are protected from bad debt when a customer can’t pay or files for bankruptcy;

  • Each Freight Agent/Dispatcher is provided with:

  1. free of charge — DAT or ITS load board;

  2. free of charge — TMS;

  3. free of charge — back office & Technical support;

  4. free of charge — IP telephony and corporate emails.                                                             



  • 1+ year experience as Freight Agent/ Dispatcher;                                                                 

  • Ability to ensure compliance with requirements of FMCSA, HOS, MAP 21 and Internal regulations of company;

  • Equipment with features that support tool packages DAT/ITS, TMS;

  • Stable High Speed Internet;

  • Communication channels for video conference mode WhatsApp and Viber;

  • As an independent contractor, you are responsible for paying your own taxes and other expenses related to owning a small business.                                                                                                


REQUIREMENTS TO INDEPENDENT FREIGHT AGENT:                                                                           

  • Number of loads per week is 10+ (margin of 10%+, but not less than $100);

  • Gross profit per week is $1000+.                                                                                          


REQUIREMENTS TO INDEPENDENT FREIGHT DISPATCHER:                                                                 

  • Ability to work with for our 4 trucks drivers;                                                                                  

  • Weekly gross rate per carrier must be truck $ 6,000+.


No limitations for foreign citizens, including students and PhD-students.

To apply for vacancy send us filled in Application form and CV.

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Forms without attached CV with your photo will not be considered.

All the fields of Application form are required.